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Al-Humaira Introduced Ayraa

13 Jan


Introducing the new version of our own made Neck Covered Inners; Ayraa. They looked familiar but this one is different. We designed this inner from scratch and made them few times until we get the perfect measurements and prefect fit. You will never get this anywhere else. :-)

They’re very easy to wear, very comfortable (believe us on this) and doesn’t feel choked around your neck (tak rasa tercekik). It’s stretchable yet firm, so it will fit any face sizes. You can shape this inner to make your face looks skinny too.

Material is lycra, but this is the high grade one. Feels almost like cotton lycra, very comfortable, light and cool.

No zippers.

Read more: al-humaira’ contemporary http://www.alhumairacontemporary.com/#ixzz1jItIl4DG


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